A unique transdisciplinary international education program

to train tomorrow's leaders in the Field of Cancer Ageing and Rejuvenation

A unique transdisciplinary international education program

To train tomorrow's leaders in the field of cancer ageing and rejuvenation

The Toulouse Graduate School of Cancer Ageing and Rejuvenation (CARe) is a unique opportunity to promote one of the world highest quality education and research center in the shared fields of Cancer and Ageing. CARe is built on the outstanding activity of the TOUCAN LabEx, the WHO’s geriatric reference center (Gerontopole) and cancer hospital of Toulouse (IUCT) and on a strong network of international academic and industrial partnerships.

The main goal is to propose disruptive high-level education actions in the area of cancer, ageing, rejuvenation sciences and engineering in Toulouse through an international network. This new educational program, implemented in tight relation with research centers in Toulouse, aims at boosting scientific innovation from fundamental concepts to industrial and medical applications.

Open to candidates with background in Mathematics, Computer sciences, Enginering, Biology or Health Sciences

From Master to PhD combining a large broad of sciences dedicated to address biomedical research

CARe aims at training master degree and PhD students in biomedical and bioengineering research as well as computer science in the field of cancer, ageing, and rejuvenation. CARe is a transversal program incorporating basic and clinical sciences designed to train students how to discover novel

This program will be conducted in close connection with basic scientists (biologists, computer scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians), pathologists, and clinicians as well as with private companies including big pharmaceutical corporations and start-ups. For this aim, the CARE Consortium includes computer scientists, data scientists, and mathematicians by fostering interactions, organizing joint meetings, and adapting our respective teaching programs to now include relevant teaching modules (by incorporating biology-related computer sciences in master degrees in biology and vice versa).


To avoid sequential work by including all the actors from the begining of the master to the PhD



University, INSERM, CNRS


  • Basic training on:
    • Basic mechanisms
    • Pathophysiology
  • Workshops
  • Practical training

Health professionals

University, Hospital


  • Basic training on:
    • Clinical trials
    • Therapeutic strategies
  • Workshops
  • Practical training

Mathematicians, Informaticians, EngineerS



  • Basic training on:
    • Deep learning
    • Big data
    • Bioengeneering
    • Bioinformatics
  • Technology Innovation

Non-academic partners

Start-ups, companies, councils


  • Basic training on:
    • Research
    • Economic valorisation
  • Workshops
  • Practical training
  • PhD CIFRE contracts

TO USERS: Patents, Publications, Economic valorisation


CARe team

CARe boards

CARe is made of several boards


Regeneration and Senescence: From Biological Mechanisms to Numerical Tools

Co-intervention of international speakers and CARe PhD students   On December 7th, 2021, a panel of international experts and CARe PHD students will analyse
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PhD fellowship at the interface between Cancerology / Immunology / Vascular biology M/F

3 years full time PhD student position funded by LABEX TOUCAN: Laboratoire d’Excellence Toulouse Cancer starting date: October 1st, 2021 is available in the
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Multi-OMICs to unveil the role of lipid metabolism in the control of senescence and cellular plasticity in melanoma

PhD proposal PhD supervisor : Nathalie ANDRIEU, CRCT: Toulouse Cancer Research Center, Toulouse, France  PhD co-supervisor : Gemma Fabrias, IQAC-CSIC: Institute for Advanced Chemistry
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