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P Valet

Philippe Valet


The Toulouse Graduate School of Cancer Ageing and REjuvenation (CARE) is headed by Philippe VALET, Professor at the P. Sabatier University. As Professor, he has directed the master « Pharmacological Innovation » for 12 years, and the master « Bioengineering » from 2001 to now. He is also the Director of the PhD school « Biology, Health, Biotechnology » from 2011 to now. In this aim he has a strong expertise and skills in the management of master/PhD. As a researcher, he has been working on the consequences of metabolic dysfunctions in the fields of ageing, diabetes and cancer (significant publications in Nature Med., Cell Metab., Nature Commun. and Cancer Res) from bench to bedside including a tight interaction with pharmaceutical companies. He has published more than 220 articles in international journals (H-index: 52) and deposited 6 international patents so far. For example, he has promoted the study of a new pharmacological target in the improvement of energy disposal in muscle (lacking in aged people and responsible of sarcopenia) from its molecular identification to the proof of concept in human through phase I and II clinical trials. He is the Director of the next Inserm unit devoted to the research on ageing and rejuvenation (Restore) located nearby the Cancer Research center of Toulouse on the Langlade Campus Biosanté.

B Segui

Bruno Ségui

Deputy director

From the very beginning Ph Valet is assisted by Bruno Ségui, Professor of cell biology and head of the “Cell Biology, Immunology and Hematology” department at the school of pharmaceutical sciences [P Sabatier University]. As a researcher, he is the principal investigator member of an Inserm laboratory at the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse that comprises more than 20 members, including 13 permanent scientists/engineers/technicians. He is member of the steering committee at the CRCT, in which he is in charge of setting up a PhD program for 65 PhD students. He has published more than 70 papers in international journal (H-index: 23) and 8 international patents. He recently made an important breakthrough in melanoma immune escape mechanisms [Cancer Res.] and resistance to immunotherapy [Nat. Commun.]. These studies constitute the scientific substratum of two ongoing clinical trials in advanced melanoma patients at the hospital part of the Toulouse Oncopole based on tight collaborations with physicians, pathologists, computer scientists and international private companies.


Photo Claire Mendoza

Claire Mendoza

Administrative manager
Clémence Grosnit

Clémence Grosnit

Administrative manager