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The mouth and the biological ageing process: bidirectional influences and biological markers

PhD proposal Supervisor: Jean-Noel Vergnes Team S. andrieu (U1027) Biological ageing is a complex process, influenced by genetic and environmentalfactors. Factors influencing the ageing
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Automatic knowledge extraction and structuration in digital pathology images: applications to decision support tools for diagnosis and complex immunostaining analysis

PhD proposal Supervisors: Pierre Brousset Team P. Brousset (CRCT) Deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) have been tackling, with impressive results, most of the pattern
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Intrinsic abilities and nutrition in population : the role of Reactive Oxygen Species analyzed by mathematical modelling

PhD proposal Supervisors: S. Guyonnet & N. Davezac Team S. Andrieu (U1027) The objective is to study the relationship between nutrition and intrinsic capacities
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