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The PhD program is devoted to enroll students in various transdisciplinary research topics from very basic science to clinical or pharmacological outcomes. PhD research proposals are under the supervision of CARe-associated research teams from academic laboratories or partner companies. PhD proposals are selected by CARe committees and on line in spring every year. Candidates must send a complete biosketch and will be selected by a mixed board. PhD student will spend a part of the PhD stay abroad.

PhD proposals

The mouth and the biological ageing process: bidirectional influences and biological markers

PhD proposal Supervisor: Jean-Noel Vergnes Team S. andrieu (U1027) Biological ageing is a complex process, influenced by genetic and environmentalfactors. Factors influencing the ageing
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Automatic knowledge extraction and structuration in digital pathology images: applications to decision support tools for diagnosis and complex immunostaining analysis

PhD proposal Supervisors: Pierre Brousset Team P. Brousset (CRCT) Deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) have been tackling, with impressive results, most of the pattern
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Intrinsic abilities and nutrition in population : the role of Reactive Oxygen Species analyzed by mathematical modelling

PhD proposal Supervisors: S. Guyonnet & N. Davezac Team S. Andrieu (U1027) The objective is to study the relationship between nutrition and intrinsic capacities
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Role of the myelomonocytic lineage in Noonan syndrome-associated clinical traits

PhD proposal Supervisor: A. Yart Team P. Valet – I2MC The general aim of the thesis project is to better understand the pathophysiology of
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Epigenetic manipulation in the aging brain: a new way to prevent memory decline

PhD proposal Supervisor: C. Florian Team C. Rampon – CRCA Age-related diseases and age-related cognitive decline have become a major medical, scientific, social and
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Modeling TNF-induced ceramide metabolism changes in T-cell immuno-senescence and resistance of melanoma patients to immune checkpoint inhibitors

PhD proposal Supervisor: B. Segui Team T. Levade – CRCT Cutaneous melanoma is a very aggressive and immunogenic skin cancer that can be treated
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Blood platelets, Thrombosis and Aging: deciphering novel molecular mechanisms for therapy

PhD proposal Supervisor: S. SEVERIN Team B. Payrastre – I2MC The thrombotic risk, mainly due to blood platelet dysfunctions, has a considerable impact in
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Multiomics analysis and modeling to predict metabolic response in the resistance to leukemia therapies

PhD proposal Supervisor: J.E. SARRY Team J.E. Sarry – CRCT Despite a high rate of complete remission after treatment with genotoxic agents, the prognosis
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Adipose tissue microbiota and ageing

PhD proposal Supervisor: J. Galitzky Team A. Bouloumi̩ РI2MC The development of adipose tissue is dependent on its interaction with the environment and
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