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Congratulations to Julien Novarino, new CARe PhD graduate!
On April 27th, 2023, Julien Novarino defended his thesis on “Follicular helper T cells and regulatory T cells, a surprising partnership in the humoral
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Congratulations to the five students selected in the CARe Graduate School PhD contest!
Marcelo HURTADO, Laura JOUVIN, Ram Kumar PARI, Raphael DE ARAUJO BEAUVILAIN ALVES DE SOUZA and Roxane SYLVESTRE will receive a doctoral grant to conduct
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PhD offer at the Toulouse Institute of Pharmacology and Structure Biology
The Ph.D. student will be enrolled in the CARe program. Deadline for application: April 25th 2023 Starting date: September/October 2023 Working Place The IPBS
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Ikram AYOUB, Study of specific immune responses to antigens in the older people and patients suffering from neuroinflammatory diseases”, Infinity, Team 4: Inflammatory Diseases of the Central Nervous System: Mechanisms and Therapies, Thesis supervisors: Roland Liblau (Infinity), Abdelhadi Saoudi (Infinity)

Emmanuel GONZALEZ BAUTISTA, “Measuring intrinsic capacity in the context of integrated care for the older people”, CERPOP, Team MAINTAIN – MAintain Functions and INTrinsec capacities with Aging: Preventive and Personalized INterventional Research, Thesis supervisors: Sandrine Andrieu (CERPOP), Philipe de Souto Barreto

Julien NOVARINO, Heterogeneity of follicular CD4 + T lymphocytes controlling B responses”, Infinity, Team 11 : Antigen presenting cells in T Cell Responses, Thesis supervisors: Nicolas Fazilleau (Infinity), Sylvie Guerder

Mathieu VIRAZELS, “Role of TNF-alpha and sphingolipids in the response of melanoma to ‘immune checkpoint’ inhibitors”, CRCT, Team 4: Ceramide metabolism in melanoma: from basic mechanisms to immunotherapy, Thesis supervisors: Bruno Ségui (CRCT), Céline Colacios (CRCT)

Elissa ANDRAOS, “Deciphering the link between resistance and intratumoral heterogeneity in anaplastic large cell lymphoma expressing the oncogenic tyrosine kinase ALK by single-cell transcriptomic analysis and multiparameter phenotyping”, CRCT, Team 7: RNA biology in hematological tumors, Thesis supervisors: Fabienne Meggetto (CRCT), Stéphane Pyronnet (CRCT)

Célia BAK, Study of epigenetic mechanisms in the aged brain: a new way to prevent cognitive decline”, CRCA, Team: Revealing Memory Mechanisms of the Brain (REMEMBeR), Thesis supervisors: Claire Rampon (CRCA), Cédrick Florian (CRCA)

Clémence BOLUT, “Image processing and calibration”, Restore – Stromalab, Thesis supervisors: Louis Casteilla (Restore), David Simoncini (IRIT)

Camille CHAMPIGNY, Intrinsic abilities and nutrition in population : the role of Reactive Oxygen Species analyzed by mathematical modelling”, CRCA, Team: Mithochondria, neuronal plasticity and neurodegeneration (MINDING), Thesis supervisors: Noélie Davezac (CRCA), Sophie Guyonnet (Toulouse University Hospital)

Pauline CHASSONERY, 3D models, digital avatar, Restore, Stromalab, Thesis supervisors: Louis Casteilla (Restore), Diane Peurichard (INRIA)

Luana CINTORI, Study of the management of targeted oxidative damage to DNA, CBI, Team Chromatin and cell proliferation, Thesis supervisor: Yvan Canitrot (CBI)

Kévin CORTACERO, The ontology of lytic synapses: an interdisciplinary approach for the study of cytotoxic T lymphocytes and tumor cell control in the tissues of cancer patients, CRCT, Team 20: Molecular dynamics of lymphocyte interactions, Thesis supervisors: Salvatore Valitutti (CRCT), Sylvain Cussat-Blanc (IRIT)

Léa DA COSTA FERNANDES, “Modeling of the PROnostic and DIagnosis of Tissue REgeneration in Aging (PRODIRE)”, Restore, Team 1: Plasticity of adipose tissue, Thesis supervisors: Béatrice Cousin (Restore), François Pérès (National School of Engineers of Tarbes)

Ruchan EKREN, Multimodal investigation of the transcriptomic program of lymphocytes T CD8+ and NK cells in multiple myeloma”, Laboratory: CRCT, Team 13: Genomics and immunology of myeloma, Thesis supervisors, Ludovic Martinet (CRCT),  Vera Pancaldi (CRCT)

Mélanie ESCUDERO Microfabrication of a 3D microphysiological vascularized brown like adipose tissue to treat metabolic and age related dysfunctions”, Restore, Stromalab, Thesis supervisors: Louis Casteilla (Restore), Laurent Malaquin (LAAS)

Matthieu GENAIS, Prediction of clinical response to immunotherapy in patients with advanced melanoma: a machine learning approach using multi-omics”, CRCT, Team 4: Ceramide metabolism in melanoma: from basic mechanisms to immunotherapy, Thesis supervisors: Bruno Ségui (CRCT), Vera Pancaldi (CRCT)

Wan-Hsuan LU, Epidemiological approach to intrinsic capacity and inflammation”, CERPOP, MAINTAIN Team, Thesis supervisor: Philipe de Souto Barreto

Laurène Mazeyrie, Role of the myelomonocytic lineage in Noonan syndrome-associated clinical traits”, I2MC, Team 3: Adipocyte secretions, obesities and related diseases, Thesis supervisors: Armelle Yart (Restore), Thomas Edouard

Snigdha Nitin RAO, Targeting immunosenescence to prevent kidney disease in elderly patients, I2MC, Team 12: Renal fibrosis: mechanism and detection, Thesis supervisors: Joost Schanstra (I2MC), Julie Belliere (I2MC)

Anastasia PACARY, Mechanisms of tissue stiffness and regeneration / rejuvenation”, Restore, Team 1: Plasticity of adipose tissue, Thesis supervisors: Marielle Ousset (Restore), Jenny Paupert (Restore)

Lucie RAPP, The mouth and the biological ageing process: bidirectional influences and biological markers, CERPOP, MAINTAIN Team, Thesis supervisor: Jean-Noël Vergnes (CERPOP)

Jacobo SOLORZANO, Translation Characterization of stroma from pancreatic cancer, towards a new approach to classification”, CRCT, Team 6: Microenvironment and therapeutic resistance in pancreatic neoplasms, Corinne Bousquet (CRCT), Vera Pancaldi (CRCT)

Marion STEPHAN, “Global Redox Potential : Biomarker of the cellular environment homeostasis”, Restore, Thesis supervisors: Cédric Dray (Restore), Pierre Gros

Sanzhar AITBAY, “Bio-Mechanical stress & Signal integration by PI3Ks for the control of tumour growth”, CRCT, Team SydDYN Integrated cell signaling & PI3Ks, Thesis supervisors: Julie Guillermet-Guibert (CRCT), Morgan Delarue (LAAS)

Saber AMRI, “Control of neuroinflammation with bi-therapeutic agents”, Infinity, Team 5, Thesis supervisors: Rémy Poupot (Infinity), Jérôme Ausseil (Infinity)

Sébastien AUBER, “Deciphering the mechanisms of transcription-coupled DSB at enzymatically-induced and endogenous neuronal DSBs by high throughput genomics”, CBI, Team Chromatin & DNA Repair, Thesis supervisors: Gaëlle Legube (CBI), Raphaël Mourad (CBI). Co-tutorship: Huberchet Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands

Silia AYADI, “Identification and characterization of new bioactive lipids”, CRCT, Team INOV, Cholesterol Metabolism and Therapeutic Innovations, Thesis supervisor: Marc Poirot (CRCT)

Mohammed Hussein BAZ, “Laboratory-on-a-chip for the separation of adipose stem cells”, LAAS, Thesis supervisors: Anne-Marie Gué (LAAS), Coralie Sengenes (Restore)

Chloé BRODEAU, “Human skin fibroblasts as indicators of physiological age and frailty”, Restore, Metabolink, Thesis supervisors: Louis Casteilla (Restore), Isabelle Ader (Restore)

Garance CASTINO, “The mitochondrial metabolism of satellite cells: its influence on post-exercise muscular regeneration in aged subjects”, Restore, Metabolink, Thesis supervisors: Cédric Dray (Restore), Philipe de Souto Barreto

Chiara CECCHIN, “Stroma, immunity and metabolism as key understanding of periodontal potential loss with ageing”, Restore, GOT-IT, Thesis supervisors: Philippe Kemoun (Restore), Valérie Planat (Restore)

Maria CHAOUKI, “Treg evolution in B cell lymphoma patients under PI3Kδ inhibition”, CRCT, SigDYN Integrated signalling & PI3K, Thesis supervisors: Julie Guillermet-Guibert (CRCT), Loïc Ysebaert (CRCT)

Lucas CHARPIN, “Laboratory-on-a-chip for the separation of adipose stem cells”, LAAS, Thesis supervisors: Anne-Marie Gué (LAAS), Emmanuelle Trévisiol (TBI)

Emmanuel DOUMARD, “How to explore physiological ageing? A new framework for an in-depth explainability of machine learning models”, IRIT, SIG Team, Thesis supervisors: Chantal Soulé-Dupuy (IRIT), Paul Monsarrat (Restore)

Emma GRANDGIRARD, “Investigating the stroma heterogeneity of adipose tissue using AI-based label free imaging : a predictive marker of frailty ?”, Restore, Stromagics, Thesis supervisors: Coralie Sengenes (Restore), Mathieu Serrurier (IRT Saint-Exupéry, ANITI Team / DEEL)

Alexis HUCTEAU, “In silico, epigenomic and functional investigations of resistance to IDH inhibitors in acute myeloid leukemia”, CRCT, MetAML, Thesis directors: Jean-Emmanuel Sarry (CRCT), Vera Pancaldi (CRCT)

Nikolaos KONTOPOULOS, “Molecular basis of oncolytic virus tropism in pancreatic cancer”, CRCT, Thesis directors: Pierre Cordelier (CRCT), Louis Buscail (CRCT)

Laura LAUTURE, “In vivo study of Gilteritinib resistance in acute myeloid leukemia”, CRCT, MetAML, Thesis director: Jean-Emmanuel Sarry (CRCT)

Léa MAGNE, “Modeling tissue architecture in colorectal physio(patho)logy by image analysis”, IRSD – Inserm, ICA – CNRS, Thesis directors: Audrey Ferrand (IRSD), Florian Bugarin (ICA)

Lisa MARY, “Multi-OMICs to unveil the role of lipid metabolism in the control of senescence and cellular plasticity in melanoma”, CRCT, Melasphinx, Thesis director: Nathalie Andrieu (CRCT)

Rémy MONTANE, “Impact of adipose tissue on systemic redox homeostasis during ageing”, Restore, Metabolink, Thesis directors: Audrey Carrière (Restore) Isabelle Ader (Restore)

Margaux OBERLING, “Investigating the role of alternative splicing in metabolic flexibility and chemotherapy resistance in acute myeloid leukemia”, CRCT, METAML, Thesis director: Margherita Grisi (CRCT)

Gonçalo POMPBA DE ALMEIDA, “Systemic redistribution of metabolic flux by chemotherapy in acute myeloid leukemia”, CRCT, Metabolink, Thesis directors: Jean-Charles Portais (CRCT), Jean-Emmanuel Sarry (CRCT)

Elise PONTHIER, “Development of microphysiological systems by 3D printing for the study of stem cells and the modeling of intestinal tumorigenesis”, CBI, LAAS, Thesis directors: Arnaud Besson (CBI), Laurent Malaquin (LAAS)

Célia RAMADE, “Analysis of T cell responses by omics approaches to understand the mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy in bronchial and urothelial cancers”, CRCT, T2i Team, Thesis director: Maha Ayyoub (CRCT)

Ophélie THOMAS-CHEMIN, “AutoBioTip: automation of mechanobiological measurements by AFM”, LAAS, Elia, Thesis directors: Etienne Dague (LAAS), Emmanuelle Trévisiol (LAAS)

Haomiao WANG, “Multimodal dataset analysis support system for clinical and biological biomarker detection: proof of concept in oral medicine – PREDINSIGHT 4-D”, Restoire, IRIT, Thesis directors: Paul Monsarrat (Restore), Julien Aligon (IRIT)

Karina CANCINO MALDONADO, “Analysis of preneoplastic lesions related to divergent forms of cancer observed in Peru via single cell analysis technology”, CRCT, Thesis supervisors: Stéphane Bertani (IRD), Frédéric Lopez (CRCT), Mirko Zimic (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia – UCPH)

Maylis COMBEAU, “Preclinical Study of Regenerative Brain Implants”, ToNIC, IMRCP, LAAS, ENVT, Thesis Director: Isabelle Loubinoux (ToNIC)

Léa COSTES, “Physical properties underlying gene mobility during transcription activation”, MCD – CBI, LPT, Thesis Director: Kerstin Bystricky, Manoel Manghi (LPT)

Maëlle DELEUZIERE, “Dual inorganic nanoplatform for a better medical imaging (Nano-diag +)”, LCC, CERPOP, ToNIC, Thesis directors: Eric Benoist (SPCMIB), Isabelle Quelven-Bertin (ToNIC)

Lucas FRASSIN, “Skeletal muscle – adipose tissue dialogue and prevention of metabolic alterations related to lifestyle and age”, I2MC, Thesis directors: Claire Laurens (I2MC), Emilie Montastier (I2MC)

Perrine GIUNCHI, “Development of physioxic gradient microdevices to study the role of a bacterium in colorectal cancer”, IRSD, IMFT, Thesis Directors: Jean-Philippe Nougareyde (IRSD), Yohan Davit (IMFT)

Benjamin JUNG, “Inhibiting TNF to potentiate melanoma response to immune checkpoint inhibitors”, IUCT-O, Thesis directors: Nicolas Meyer (IUCT-O), Anne Montfort (IUCT-O)

Margaux LABROSSE, “Effect of aging on the population of “super” – FAPs originating from adipose tissue and involved in muscle regeneration, Restore, CBI, Yale University, USA, Thesis directors: Xavier Contreras (Restore), Olivier Cuvier (CBI), Rong Fan (Yale University)