PhD proposal

Supervisor: S. SEVERIN

Team B. Payrastre – I2MC

The thrombotic risk, mainly due to blood platelet dysfunctions, has a considerable impact in the cardiovascular complications in elderly. However, the mechanisms involved in the increased thrombotic risk and platelet dysfunctions associated to aging are still poorly characterized and therapeutic strategies are very limited. In this context, it seems urgent (i) to better understand the mechanisms involved in the dysfunction of platelet production and activation in an aging context and (ii) to find new pharmacological platelet targets or biomarkers in order to prevent and limit thrombotic complications. The research PhD project aims to finely study the processes of production and activation of blood platelets, from molecular mechanisms to pathophysiology, in an aging context. This project will use transgenic mouse models and a panel of in vivo experimental procedures in mice as well as in vitro and ex vivo imaging and biochemical techniques.

Key words: Blood platelets, Megakaryocytes, Thrombosis, Aging