CARe proposes a complete transversal program in which biomedical sciences are complemented with innovative interdisciplinary courses, including engineering, informatics, and mathematics. From the Master 1, students are in permanent immersion in academic or industrial research laboratories to facilitate training through research.



The fundamental notions acquired in the framework of the master 1 will be reinforced in master 2 by more advanced notions in the field of cancer, aging and rejuvenation, both in academic and non-academic research. Master 2 students are still in permanent immersion in laboratories.


PhD program

The PhD program is devoted to enroll students in various transdisciplinary research topics from very basic science to clinical or pharmacological outcomes. PhD research proposals are under the supervision of CARe-associated research teams from academic laboratories or partner companies. PhD proposals are selected by CARe committees and on line in spring every year. Candidates must send a complete biosketch and will be selected by a mixed board. PhD student will spend a part of the PhD stay abroad.