PhD proposal

Supervisor: C. Florian

Team C. Rampon – CRCA

Age-related diseases and age-related cognitive decline have become a major medical, scientific, social and economic challenge for industrialized countries in which lifespan has continuously increased over the last century. Memory depends on the control of activity-dependent neuronal gene expression, which is regulated by epigenetic modifications. While much work has focused on transcriptional co-activator complexes, little is known about the co-repressor complexes that suppress the expression of plasticity-related genes. In a recent paper (Bridi et al.,  2020), we revealed the critical role of the co-repressor SIN3A in memory: neuronal deletion of Sin3a enhances hippocampal plasticity and long-term memory. Building on this finding, we now hypothesize that reducing signaling through Sin3A/HDACs will alleviate age-related memory impairments. Our project will provide insight into the role of the epigenetic mechanisms in memory storage and will propose an original strategy to counteract cognitive decline associated with aging.

Key words: aging, memory, epigenetic